Jquery and Ajax

jQuery: write less, do more, JavaScript library

Expert developers at eKarsh can provide great user experiences on your website/Web application using JQuery. It can be a wonderful slideshow, gallery, zoom-in, animation, panoramic view, high-end user interactivity like drag-and-drop, tree view etc.

With jQuery we can write advanced JavaScript with ease and it keeps the code clean. eKarsh JQuery developers can develop advanced animation, Ajax solutions, advanced data grid, forms, virtual tour, 3600 panorama tour etc. JQuery also provides an elegant solution to validation and image galleries. Now a day JQuery has replaced javascript.

Skills and features of our jQuery designers/Developers:

  • Strong HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Guaranteed coding to W3C compliance
  • Compatibility assured with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

There are many ready JQuery libraries available which can be used for any of the following features.

  • Accordion Accordion
  • Ajax File Upload
  • Calendar Aids date entry.
  • Click Menu Generates dropdown menus.
  • clueTip Tooltips with many variations.
  • Color Picker
  • ContextMenu and Tree View
  • date picker
  • FCKEditor
  • Gallery Viewer
  • jCalendar
  • jCarousel
  • Suggest Add autocomplete to input fields.
  • Lazy Load Only load images that are in the current window.
  • Query String Object Useful for sending URL parameters.
  • Star Rating
  • Grid Dynamic Ajax grid control.
  • Tooltip
  • Validation EXCELLENT Add live validation to forms.
  • Zoomi Zoomable thumbnails.
  • XAP Ajax library.

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